Bullhead City

Dates: August 19, 2013 – August 22, 2013

Location: EPNG Line 2121 ECDA, Bullhead City, AZ
Owner: El Paso Natural Gas Company
Contractor: Kinder Morgan Pipeline Construction Division

Description: Work alongside Kinder Morgan pipeline crews to pothole existing high pressure gas line, expose the line, confirm the alignment and then excavate around and underneath the gas line where not possible or safe for Kinder Morgan’s excavators to work.
Challenges: Time sensitive to get line exposed so that Kinder Morgan crews can inspect and repair the line to get it activated again, working in remote areas.
Method: Vacuum excavating, jackhammers and hand digging to work around the gas lines.
Results: Successfully integrated our crews into Kinder Morgan’s pipeline crews to perform efficient work on this and other line sections across Arizona, completing all of the planned anomaly digs in 2013.