MC85: 75th Ave. – 107th Ave.

Dates: January 06, 2012 to January 27, 2012

Location: MC85: 75th Ave. to 107th Ave, Tolleson, AZ
Owner: Maricopa Department of Transportation (MCDOT)
Contractor: SSC

Description: Vacuum pothole for 78 existing utilities along MC85 to map locations for MCDOT to use in future construction. Provide survey and computerized stamped maps, and slurry/hot patched all holes in roadway, as as coordinate traffic control.
Challenges: Scheduling work and traffic control to be able to complete the project expediently without causing major disruption to vehicle traffic on this busy roadway.
Method: Vacuum Potholing
Results: Client received all utility location data required and all work was completed plus roadway restored with minimal impact to traffic.