Sewer Line Upgrade Under SRP Canal

Dates: January 12, 2009 to January 26, 2009

Location: SRP Canal at 71st Drive, Phoenix AZ
Owner: City of Phoenix
Contractor: Sundt Construction

Description: SSC was contracted by Sundt Construction to install 104-ft of 36-in casing for a new 12-in sewer line below the old SRP canal.
Challenges: Muddy soil conditions.
Method: Auger Bore & Hand Tunnel.
Results: Geotech reports 50-ft from the planned installation site at 71st Drive indicated sandy soil conditions, with a 8-9 blow count. However, crews quickly discovered mud during the first few feet of the bore, making it a challenge to maintain line and grade. Switching from auger to hand tunnel at the most dense locations, SSC was able to successfully complete the project in 1.5 weeks.