Large Diameter Tunneling

Tunnel boring machine projects that require large diameter tunneling services are provided by SSC Boring. As industry experts in large diameter tunneling, we use the most cost effective tunnel boring machine techniques for all tunneling jobs that require underground construction. Our tunnel boring machines provide an effective solution to large diameter tunneling projects.

Typical Applications:

Sewer line, water line or storm drain installation (or any project that exceeds the capabilities of auger boring equipment). Our large diameter tunneling services can accommodate any utility service needs that require a tunnel boring machine for underground construction.


To create large bores in virtually any soil condition (including solid rock) typically requires large diameter tunneling. One of two methods are typically used. The first uses a Boring Machine Tunnel Attachment (BMTA) with a cutting head. A steel casing measuring 60” or larger is installed behind the BMTA and both are propelled by a jack and bore machine. Personnel are required inside the tunnel to operate the BMTA machine. The spoils are removed by auger, conveyor belt or muck carts.

In applications where soil conditions make other methods impractical, hand tunneling with jackhammers is used to break up the soil. A jack and bore machine then “jacks” the steel casing into the ground.


For steel casings 36” in diameter and larger with no limit on linear feet.


  • Suitable for any soil condition
  • Can accommodate a wide size and scope
  • Time intensive
  • Labor intensive
  • Wide cost range

If you need large diameter tunneling that requires a special tunnel boring machine then you have found the right tunneling company for your underground construction project. Our tunneling experts can provide the most cost effective solution that focuses on your specific scope of work when a large diameter tunneling solution is needed for the tunneling project in question. Contact our tunneling experts today and let us provide the answers you need for underground construction.