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Hand Tunneling

Typical Applications for Hand Tunneling:

Dry Clay, Wet Clay, Dry Sand, Dry Silt


The term hand tunneling is used to describe the type of man-entry tunneling in which a person excavates from the face of the tunnel with a hand tool. This is ideal when underground heavy equipment excavating is not an option and the excavation must be completed.


Typical bores range from 0” to 600’ in length with pipe sizes that range from 36″ to 144″ in diameter.


  • Hand tunneling requires a tunnel shaft

Open Excavation

Typical Applications that apply to Excavation:

Sewer and utility placement in new or open construction areas were open excavation is needed to complete the project.


Open excavation gains access to the underground through the surface, often removing soil to allow the placement of pipe, conduit or cable. The excavation is then backfilled and the surface is repaired. SSC Boring is an industry leader in excavation related projects where this type of tunneling is needed to complete the placement of utility service pipes, conduits, or cables.


Typical open excavations are limited to 40’ deep and can extend to any length.


  • Scars surface
  • Requires clear path
  • Can temporarily disrupt other construction while the excavating is being implemented.


Hand tunneling & open excavation services are provided by SSC Boring, a leader in professional tunneling for construction jobs. As excavating contractors we provide underground heavy equipment excavating solutions for excavator related projects that require this type of tunneling or excavation for any construction project scenario.

For questions and answers about our hand tunneling and open excavation processes please contact our excavating contractor company and see why SSC Boring is the recommended choice for excavating and hand tunneling services.