September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Join SSC Underground in spreading the word about suicide prevention in the workplace.

Michelle Walker, VP of Finance and Administration at SSC Underground, was recently published in Construction Executive’s online magazine.

In her article, titled: “How HR Can Impact Suicide Prevention in the Workplace”, Ms. Walker provides a comprehensive description of how HR leaders can take actionable steps to reduce the risk of suicide within their organizations.

This topic is especially important for construction companies, and the HR representatives who are at the forefront of this effort to reduce the risk of suicide. In her article, Ms. Walker cites a 2016 CDC study, noting that the suicide rate in the construction industry is four times that of the general population.

It’s important for HR leaders to fully understand the entire scope of their role and how suicide prevention programs can be most effective. Michelle explains how HR leaders have the power to influence policies, processes, benefits, and employee interaction. 

This article describes in detail how leaders can address suicide, develop programs, conduct policy audits, understand and mitigate compliance concerns, administer benefit and wellness programs, create a caring culture, and use performance management as a suicide prevention strategy.

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