SSC hosts company picnic at Phoenix Zoo

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Specialized Services Company recently hosted a spring picnic for all of the company’s employees and their families at the Phoenix Zoo.

Employees from across SSC’s divisions and departments attended the event.

It was a great opportunity for the company’s employees to spend time together outside of work.

Marcia Veidmark, Owner and CEO of SSC, commented on the event. “We really enjoy organizing special events like these for our employees that help build our teams and encourage everyone to feel special and proud of the work we do together. It’s a great way for employees to bond, meet each other’s families, and just relax. It’s difficult for employees to really get to know each other when they are so focused on working all the time, so it’s really nice that we can sit down, talk, enjoy a meal together, and have some fun at the zoo!”

After a luau themed catered lunch, many families participated in events such as face painting and some watched as zoo keepers brought out animals for a show and tell. The company also provided employees with tickets to the new dinosaur exhibit and the sting ray pool.

Later on in the day, groups split up and ventured into the zoo to see the animals and enjoy the other activities and exhibits the zoo had to offer.

It was a great day of teambuilding and will be remembered by all who attended.